Thursday, July 30, 2015

What The Camera Missed

By this time, it’s very few who haven’t gotten more than their fair share of the pictures that have gone viral.  Pictures that show the story of a desperate couple and their desire to adopt a newborn.  Pictures that show their joy, their happiness at claiming the child they so desired.  Pictures that, conveniently, leave out the mother of this child.  The one who went through nine months loving and nurturing her little girl.  Who gave birth only to face the terrible reality she would would now begin a new life of being without her own child.  Her own flesh and blood.

Over the past few days, these pictures, the story of these adoptive parents, have been everywhere!  And, as is the norm for our society, anything that mentions loss for the mother and/or the baby is met with anger and attacks.  It’s not allowed.  We all must be positive.  We must celebrate with this couple and believe that this baby has just been saved from some terrible, tragic life and will forever be grateful for losing everything – her family, identity, heritage – in order to satisfy the desires of this couple seeking a third child to make their family complete.

It’s been disgusting.  Painful.  Heartbreaking for so many who live, every day, the terrible loss and pain that adoption causes.  To see these pictures go viral.  To see the ignorance.  The refusal to give a damn about anything other than presenting adoption - - AGAIN - - as something that happens in a vacuum where only the adoptive parents and their joy and happiness exists.  It’s just another, of many, hard hits that lets those who have lost so much – mothers and their babies – know that they really just don’t matter.  That adoption isn’t about them.  It’s about those who have the desire and ability to pay for the child they seek to make their lives complete.

So, it helped, today, to come across someone who had the amazing courage and talent to come up against this story.  To offer something different – in the best of ways – than what is flooding the news stories and internet right now.

And, my hope is, this story will go viral as well.  That there will be some chance, some hope, of others stepping back and realizing so much more than what they believe about adoption.  That maybe, just maybe, a bit of satire – in the right place – will help, even just one, take the time to see more than what so many accept adoption as . . .

A business providing children to those who pay for them.

***Here is the direct link to the post.  And make sure you read all the way to the end and the notes that are there.   They truly are the best part!***


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