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Veronica Rose Brown - A Father's Fight

Well, they obviously want to raise her. I couldn’t qualify that compared to the way I feel. I know how I feel. So -- and it feels to me like we really want her more than anybody.”

Sometimes, just a few sentences can say SO much . . . The above quote comes directly from Melanie Capobianco's testimony in the case Adoptive Couple vs Baby Veronica.

Just as you see so often in those who believe they have a right to take a child away from his or her own natural family, she self-determined she wanted Veronica over her own father and had every right to fight him for his own daughter . . . I want that baby more so I deserve her more!

This is the mindset Dusten Brown has faced from the start.  With Melanie's testimony now released and added to the testimonies of Christy Maldonado,  Dusten Brown and Alice Brown, it’s clear that the Capobianco’s were willing to do whatever it took and pay as much as required to obtain a baby as quickly as possible.

They didn’t care if it was an unethical adoption, if they had to bypass some pesky Federal law protecting Native American children.  They cared only about getting a child however they could.  And after they got her, decided nobody could possibly “want” her like they did.

Unfortunately, for Dusten, he didn’t have the power of the multi-billion dollar adoption industry behind him.  He had no knowledge of the laws created to get around a father’s rights or the fact that the mother of his child would be instructed how to make sure he, himself, would be penalized under such laws.

While the Capobiancos paid good money for their attorney, Ray Godwin (involved in another, current unethical adoption) and for Christy’s first attorney, Phyllis Zimmerman, Dusten was ultimately denied any chance to seek representation for himself.  By making sure the plans for adoption were kept hidden from him, they kept themselves in the position of power to satisfy their quest for a child.

From the start of this, the Capobianco’s PR team has promoted the same old story, created to make them look like the innocent victims in this case and Dusten as the monster swooping in after two years to steal their child away.

But those of us who have fought in the world of adoption reform recognize the same pattern that fathers before, and unfortunately after, Dusten have been forced to face in having their rights stripped away. 

And we know, and understand, Dusten never had a chance.

As the testimony comes out, it becomes clearer and clearer that Dusten started out in this entire situation as an ordinary, average guy with the same good points and faults as the rest of us.  He was a man madly in love with his fiancée . . .

- - - “I decided I was going to get engaged with her because, you know, she was the love of my life at that point in time and I was for certain that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

He was also a solider, living on base (four hours away from Christy Maldonado) training for an upcoming deployment to Iraq . . .

- - - “Q. Prior to being deployed to Iraq, you were stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma; is that correct?
A. That’s correct.
Q. And how far away is Fort Sill from Barters – Bartlesville, Oklahoma?
A. It’s approximately four hours.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

And he was excited to learn his fiancée was pregnant . . .

- - - “Q. Can you explain to me – explain to the court, the time you were engaged – well tell me this. When did you find out she was pregnant?
A. It was in January 2009. She called me up and told me that – that we were expecting a child.
Q. What was your reaction?
A. I was very happy.
Q. Why?
A. This is the person that I loved.  I was wanting to unite my family, my daughter with her kids, and, you know, start this family. This is the person I want to spend my life with.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

But his happiness was short lived.  While on base, training and preparing for deployment to a war zone, contact with Christy suddenly started to dwindle away . . .

- - - “Q. But you were saying in March – or April, April of 2009 I think you said, that it began to decrease.  Did you call her and did she answer your phone calls?
A. Sometimes she answered. At some point it stopped where I didn’t get no answer from either text or phone call.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

- - - “I was still texting him, up until, like I said, March or April, maybe even May, to let him know every single month on what the doctor said.” (Christy Maldonado’s testimony, Sept. 2011)

Then, in May, Dusten was able to go home for a short period of time and though he had tried to see Christy, she denied him whenever he asked.  And then that family he had counted on, that life he had planned, crumbled around him . . .

- - - “I get half-way home to Fort Sill and I get a phone call or a text message stating that I needed to find someone in Lawton, Oklahoma, to be with instead of being with her.
Q. And that was from Christinna?
A. Yes ma’am.
Q. Did you text back?
A. I text back wanting to know what was going on and what happened. Was there anything I did wrong, you know, trying to get some sort of answer. And the only answer that I got was that I needed to find someone else to be with.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

And from that point on, his life was about to take a drastic turn.  Though he didn’t know it yet, the wheels had already begun spinning and soon a multi-billion dollar adoption industry, a desperate couple with the money to get what they wanted, and the woman he loved, would all be a part of deceiving him in the worst of ways – to gain off of his daughter, Veronica Rose Brown.

In June, Matt and Melanie Capobianco were matched with Christy Maldonado.  And ironically at that same time the well-known, damning text message was delivered . . .

- - - “Q. Okay.  You said that she had asked you if you wanted to sign your rights away?
A. Yes ma’am.
Q. Why did you think she was asking you to do that?
A. Honestly I don’t know. It was a big surprise to me because, you know, because the whole split up, breakup, was a shock, you know. We had a really good relationship.
Q. And at some point in this June text conversation did you – did you tell her that you would agree ---
A. I want to say ---
Q. --- to sign?
A. --- it was a couple of days later that, you know, I believe she sent me another text message back.  I’m not for certain, but I replied back in a text message to her stating that I would sign my rights to her.
Q. Why did you do that?
A. In my mind I thought that if I would do that I’d be able to give her time to think about this and possibly maybe we could get back together and continue what we had started.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept 2011) - - -

What Dusten didn’t know was at that point, he’d already lost.  That the text message used (and yet not allowed in court because the phone conveniently disappeared and all that they had to show as proof was one-sided, disjointed pictures) to get him to say what they wanted was a common practice used on fathers before him.  That, more than likely, Christy was just another pregnant mother of many who had been coached by the adoption industry on what to say to get the desired response.

The use of text messages to trick a father out of his rights is such common practice these days that I don’t believe for a minute that there is any coincidence in the events coming together as they did – the matching of Christy and the Capobiancos during the same time she was pushing Dusten to give up custody.  The process had already begun and the only thing standing in the way of the Capobiancos getting the child they desired was Dusten Brown.

Dusten is very upfront and honest (which is more than I can say for either Christy or Melanie in their fumbling testimonies) in his cross examination when asked about supporting Christy . . .

 - - - “Is it accurate to say that you did not pay any medical bills connected with baby girl’s birth?
A. No, sir, I didn’t.
Q. And prior to the birth on September 15th of 2009 you did not pay for any living expenses or pregnancy-related expenses connected to baby girl’s birth?
A. That is correct.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

But, at that time, Dusten had absolutely no experience with adoption.  He was unaware, as most fathers are, of the adoption industry abandonment laws created to strip fathers of their rights.  While the Capobiancos and Christy had the coaching of the adoption agency and adoption attorneys who know exactly how to manipulate the laws, Dusten was in mandatory training, facing the upcoming deployment to Iraq . . . where so many of our soldiers never returned from . . . while having to deal with a fiancée who not only broke off their engagement but was pushing him to give up custody of his child to her.

There was no way Dusten knew it was very deliberate that Christy avoided his attempts to contact her during that time.

- - - “I contacted friends and family to see if maybe they’d seen her around or about because I had made phone calls and text messages that never got replied from or back to me.  I didn’t know if maybe she had possibly changed her number or moved away.  I did not know at all.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

The giant of the multi-billion dollar adoption industry had officially taken over, not just his life, but the life of his unborn child.  It was no longer about him and Christy as the parents.  It wasn’t about any hopes they might work it out between them or find common ground for their child.  At that point, it was about the couple paying for his child – Matt and Melanie Capobianco – and satisfying their desires.

Those with the power and knowledge knew better than to allow Dusten to pay a single penny for his daughter . . .

- - - “Q. Was there any time, any other time that you can think of, that the birth mother ever asked you for financial assistance?
A. She never asked for financial assistance.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

- - - “Q. Did you ever make any attempt, through either the state of Oklahoma or the Cherokee Nation to collect child support from the birth father?
A. No.” (Christy Maldonado’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

Even Veronica’s own grandmother had to be denied the chance to help if they were going to build the abandonment case and make sure the Caopbiancos walked away with the baby they wanted.

- - - “And I finally got her number, oh, shortly before she had the baby. And we found out that she had had the baby and it was about two weeks after she delivered. And I had called her and left a message because she wouldn’t answer the phone. And I left a message and I said, Chrissy [sic], this is Alice, Dusty’s Mom.  I said, we have some gifts from the family.  It was money and a little blanket  that I made for the baby and some little socks, Elmo, Kissy Baby, and a rabbit we had bought the baby – or Dusty had bought the baby for Easter it was. And I had bought the baby a little book.  I think it was me who bought it, but I’m not sure.
(Deputy handed tissue to witness.)
WITNESS: Thank you.
Q. And did she return your phone call?
A. No.
Q. At some point did you attempt to call her again from a different phone?
A. Yeah.
Q. Can you tell me about that?
A. I went to Wal-Mart and I called from a pay phone so that she wouldn’t recognize the phone number and she didn’t answer it either.
Q. Do you recall if you left a message?
A. No, I didn’t leave a message.  I just hung back up.
Q. And did all of your attempts to contact Christy before and after her pregnancy go unanswered?
A.  That – yeah.” (Alice Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

Because, not only did they need to manipulate the abandonment laws to their advantage, they also needed to make sure they did what they could to cut Christy off from any help or support from others so that the Capobiancos could come in, use their money to “help” Christy and, in every way, buy Veronica by manipulating Christy into feeling obligated to them and giving them her baby in exchange for the expenses, bills, gifts, they gave her.

- - - “Q. Have you received some financial assistance from the adoptive couple?
A. Yes.
Q. They paid for your lawyer?
A. Yes.
Q. And what else have you received from them?
A. After I had the baby, they paid some of the bills to help me out, and I have received some money for food.
Q. Is that all?
A. Yeah.
Q. Did they pay your rent?
Q. Did they pay ---
A. Actually, I don’t remember what bills they have paid. I can’t remember.  But I know they did pay some bills.” (Christy Maldonado’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

- - - “Q. Did you provide, you and your husband provide funds for the birth mother’s medical expenses?
A. I’m not exactly sure. I know – probably, yeah. We probably did.” (Melanie Capobianco’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

And yet, Matt and Melanie Capobianco and the multi-billion dollar adoption industry still weren’t done with Dusten Brown or his unborn child.  Even though they had done all they could to make sure the abandonment laws came into play and that Dusten’s ex-fiancee would be indebted to, and firmly controlled by the Capobaincos, there still was that risk of knowing he would never agree to his child being given away for adoption.

So the best way to overcome such a pesky obstacle was to simply not let this soldier, in training to be deployed to a war zone for our country, know that there was a couple paying good money in the hopes of adopting his child.  To make sure he wasn’t informed of what was happening.  To guarantee that the cash and power happening behind his back would ensure the Capobiancos walked away with his baby, because that is what they paid for and what they expected in return.

- - - “Q. Did you have any idea that she was asking you that because she intended to give this child up – your child up for adoption?
A. I had no idea that giving that child up for adoption. I had nothing in the back of my mind thinking that even.
Q. If you had known something that you would have agreed with?
A.  If I knew that that’s – the adoption was going on, I would have said no, I wanted to keep my rights. And I would have fought them. I would have started right then and there. I would have went to military JAG and got a military lawyer and got started in the process of what I needed to do.” (Dusten Brown’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

- - - “Q.  Okay.  I – I just want to make sure on this question, was it your testimony earlier that you – you never personally told the biological father that you were placing this child for adoption?
A. No.
Q. You did not tell him?
A. No.” (Christy Maldonado’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

But deceiving Dusten and denying him the chance to know that the Capobiancos had paid to adopt his child, wasn’t enough guarantee.  The adoption industry and Matt and Melanie Capobianco also needed to make sure that they worked around ICWA, the Federal Law in place to protect Veronica from ever suffering the loss of her family, her heritage, her culture.

If they were going to have their desires satisfied, they were going to have to make sure such protections were denied Veronica before she was ever born.

- - - “Q. You told everybody, every agency involved, this child’s father is an Indian.  He’s a member of the Cherokee Indian Nation?
A. Yes.” (Christy Maldonado testimony, Sept 2011) - - -

- - - “Q. Okay,  And did you understand prior to birth that there was the possibility this child could possibly be an  Indian child? I believe the background report indicated some of that as you’ve already testified that you understood.
A. Uh-huh.
Q. Okay.  Did you understand if the birth father and Tribe came forward, that again, you would not be able to adopt this child?
A. If they – you mean if she were Cherokee?
Q. Right.
A. Yes.” (Melanie Capobianco’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

- - - “Q. What did you think would happen if the Indian Nation was alerted to the fact that this was an Indian child that you were trying to give up for adoption?
A. Well, I know that some things were going to come into effect, but I wasn’t for sure on what.
Q.  Did you think it would help the adoption process or hurt it?
A. Well, I’m not for sure.
Q. Did you have any feeling on that either way?
A. Well, I was worried about it.” (Christy Maldonado’s testimony, Sept. 2011) - - -

Yet, even with all of that, with their well-paid attorneys and long-time operating agency, they still try to make the claim that it was nothing more than an innocent mistake to not only misspell Dusten’s name but to also put down the wrong birth date on the paperwork submitted to the Cherokee Nation to determine whether or not Veronica was protected by her father’s citizenship in the tribe.

And yet, ironic, isn’t it, if they hadn’t done everything they could to deceive Dusten and block him from having any say, any protection, any representation in the fate of his daughter being given away for adoption, they would have had the exact and correct information needed.

But, that wasn’t the intent.  Dusten was the barrier in the Capobiancos getting what they desired so there was no way they were going to reach out to him in any way.  Not when he represented the threat keeping them away from the baby they were paying for.

And so Dusten lost, Veronica lost, while Matt and Melanie continued to take advantage of the situation, of the power and knowledge of the multi-billion dollar adoption industry, to gain, to fulfill what they wanted for their own satisfaction.

Then it came time for Veronica Rose Brown’s birth and the worst of the coercion and manipulation came into play.  The process of cutting Dusten completely out of Christy’s and his unborn child’s life had worked well.  The deception, the games, the lies, were good tactics against a solider training to deploy to a war zone to fight for our country.

He was limited to what he could do, any actions he could take to continue the frustrating task of trying to get Christy to respond to him, because he was preparing to fight for the very rights of those who were working behind his back to strip his own rights away from him

Because yes, Matt and Melanie Capobianco and all their money, the well-paid attorneys, the adoption agency, and even Christy, herself, worked hard, did all they could to make sure Dusten had no rights to his own child.  They took every advantage of the fact that he was training and preparing to fight for their rights.  Used his service to our country against him to benefit their own selfish desires and used his disadvantage – the orders and regulations that kept him unable to leave base, focused on the deployment coming up – to take his child away from him, without his knowledge, while he prepared to fight for our country.

And so they did, proudly in fact, take the last bit of everything away from Dusten.  After being a part of the deception to cut him out of Christy’s and his unborn child’s life, they delivered the final knife to Dusten’s fight.  They snubbed their nose at him, flashed the middle finger at the sacrifices he was giving for THEIR OWN rights, and willfully, and gleefully, invaded the intimacy of birth so that they could be the ones in the delivery room, cutting the umbilical cord of the baby girl they had bought and deceived away from her own parents.

And it was then, when another man dared to believe he could pay for, deceive and trick his way into taking Dusten’s place as Veronica Rose Brown’s father that the everyday, average soldier and father began his journey to so much more.

It was then that he took the first steps, without even knowing yet, from being not just a hero fighting for our country.  But an even greater hero fighting for his daughter . . .      (To Be Continued)

Keep Veronica Home


  1. A brilliant post Cassi... shared on my blog American Indian Adoptees!
    Bless you for your voice!

  2. Good job...thank you for sharing this!

    just a note(because we want him NAILED to the wall) check your spelling on Ray Godwin. According to the testimony it's Godwin vs. Goodwin. Just want to be sure people know that and STAY AWAY from that man!

  3. YAY Cassi!! You're laying it out there, step by painful step, as to how this debacle well as the thought processes and maneuvers behind all of it. How any individual with an empathetic heart could not feel for Dusten and Veronica is beyond me. Only a cold-hearted, callous individual could be cheering for the demise of the father/daughter relationship between those two. I don't know if I've ever been so ANGRY in my life. (other than the coercive, manipulative way that I lost my daughter) The comments by the C's supporters show the true narcissistic, self-serving motives that stand behind the typical infant adoption in this country. Entitlement runs rampant...RAMPANT. "Get that baby at any cost!" Well, the piper will need to be paid when those children grow up and seek out their real families, and the truth will come to light. The adoptive parents who knowingly participated in unethical tactics in order to obtain a child will ultimately pay the price...losing that child in the end. My Mother was also adopted, and if I had found out that my adoptive grandparents did what the C's are doing, I would have a difficult time continuing a relationship with them. Besides showing a lack of integrity and character, it would have deprived my children and I of our natural extended family! My Mom wasn't the only one effected...

    I hope a turning of the tide is on the horizon. Looking forward to the continuation of this piece! :)

  4. Has anyone ever written about the typical narrative that the main reason to not inform the father is because of how often father's supposedly just want to control the mother?

    1. Sorry to say, but this happens all too often. Many women know their men and the trouble they will cause if told about an impending adoption. I knew of one girl who wanted to place her baby for adoption 2 years ago. They tried to keep it from the child's father, somebody felt the dad's rights were being violated and then he was told. He went to court and stopped the adoption, the guy started stealing and the house was raided, then left the mother and child with nothing within a few months and took off. The bastard now has the nerve to say the kids isn't his. He stopped an adopted of a baby he thought was not his? That mother was not prepared to parent that baby and her right to what was best for that baby was violated. Woman and children have rights too. That mother had no mental capacity to parent, and she was controlled and forced to by bum. She ended up abusing that baby by throwing him across the room and beating him. The state later took the child from her and she went to jail.

      A child staying with natural parents is not always what is best for baby or for the parents. Birth parents are not always the ones who will love and protect that child the most. This is reality. Some men will stop adoptions claiming they will care for the baby, want to raise it etc etc, then once they get their way they do NOTHING!!!! Remember Baby Richard. That father got his son back at 4 years old from adoptive parents then ditched the kid with his bio mom within a year. Ive seen it too many times. My ex took me to court to fight for our son because he claimed I unjustly kept the baby from him. I had damn good reason. The court sided with him. My son was traumatized by the unstable relationship my ex forced and the court forced on him. Once my ex got his way, he got bored and of course eventually disappeared. It's not always black and white. We as mother need to protect our kids from exploitation, even when it's the bio dad doing the exploiting.

      Think father's don't do these things just so they can run the show. Lucky you to have not been through it. Certain men want their rights to dictate how mother's raise the kids, then contribute nothing financial, disappear for months, then cry about how their parental rights are violated. Unwed fatherhood must be earned. No woman should be a man's slave simply because he got her pregnant. That is just plain wrong!

    2. yeah. too bad you haven't been paying attention.

      next time, use birth control.

      it ain't rocket science.


    3. Anonymous,

      I find myself beyond amazement at such a statement . . . "Unwed fatherhood must be earned."

      Earned by who? By what standards? Who gets the right to dictate what "qualifies" a father to be worthy of his own child? His own flesh and blood.

      It disgusts me that you use such horror stories to justify your judgmental, limited view. Or that you would actually attempt to blame a father for a mother's outright abuse of her child.

      Doing so is a complete insult to the child who suffered such a tragedy.

      Mothers AND fathers, natural, adoptive, foster, step, and all other types of families, parents, have the heart-breaking reality of abuse and neglect. That doesn't give any one of us the right to believe we should strip the rights of many because of the actions of a few.

      You obviously have a very warped view . . . No woman should be a man's slave simply because he got her pregnant.

      And yet, unfortunately, it is those who think like you do, who carry part of the blame for what Veronica has gone through. Your very attitude and criticism toward fathers and natural families is why children have, and will continue to face the horrors Veronica has been forced to face.

    4. where are her stats that "it happens all the time"?

      every man in the world is not an asshole. and sometimes, just sometimes, women can be assholes.

      just. sayin.

    5. Anonymous 9:42 PM, FYI, "Baby Richard's (now Daniel Kirchner's) parents reunited after a brief separation and he is now a straight A's student. And even assuming your scenario (if that were true - turns out it isn't), seriously, adoptive parents never argue or separate or divorce?!!!

      Your view of your ex-husband has clouded your world view with bitterness and an inability to be objective. We are talking about Dusten Brown here, not random controlling men. Last time I checked, he is parenting Veronica and has been for almost two years. Last time I checked, Christy Maldonado wasn't.

    6. Hey "Moron"... not all birth control works and why don't you get out of the sex lives of complete strangers. Very creepy that people like you think you have some right to tell someone to use birth control when it is none of your damn business (and that so many people think they have some entitlement to other people's children)...

      You are right about the asshole thing. You are definitely among them.

    7. Anonymous, you obviously have a deep seeded hatred for men that makes your view of the world around you quite warped. Perhaps all women should be punished for the crimes of a few? Oh wait that would be wrong because its the fault of men that women do anything wrong, right? The only thing that should effect anyone's parental rights is proof that they have a lack of parental ability (which would include abuse and neglect). You want women to have equal rights but men to have less? You're the perfect example of what is wrong with society.

    8. I am a birth father, who lost to adoption. Sadly it was a closed adoption shortly after the end of the era of the baby scoop. 1985
      I raised the younger sister of 8 1/2 months difference, but not the older one whom we did not see for 28 1/2 years later. Her comments may hearten adopters across the nation, like, I am sorry I did not search sooner, my birth mother must not have known you were a nice guy. what was supposed to be an open adoption was closed shut upon relinquishment....she was spoon fed from then on (from a file with little in it,except, you were given up) & society reinforced that adotpers are angels & happiness comes from their class. Well it could have happened to me again, call me manipulative if you will, but I fought to be on the birth certificate, fought the state for my father's rights to parent & retain primary custody. Never sought compensation or child support from the mother, although I have not heard it brought up, I bettcha a birth mother could be scared into adoption if she does now want to parent but also wants to avoid child support to the father. Hard to know the whole story. Am I the exception, I do not think so.

    9. Another bite of reality, it hurts to hate.....confusion & pain will reign....adoption comes with powerful conditioning......just as in the stolkholm syndrome of kidnapping.....she has her adopters as her protectors...not her father...he has been reduced & with curent laws & inspite of promises may be further comprimised by the legal abductors. (Is it true that there is or was a lawsuit for a enormous sum of money if the father continued his pursuit of his daughter?)

  5. I hope all goes well and this angel is where she belongs. How sad is it that parents have to prove and fight for their own children against strangers who feel just because they pay a hefty price they are more entitled. Selfisness and ignorance is all I see.

  6. I nearly fell off my chair reading that first quote from Melanie C. How on earth can people who knew this child wasn't available for adoption from the beginning justify what they are doing? And the fact that they have any supporters at all is mind boggling. What on earth gives them the right to STEAL someone else's child? Anyone with a brain can see that they are trying to pull off a 'legalized' kidnapping. This is insane, pure insanity.

    Dusten Brown is my hero. I don't know how he has held up and handled the stress as well as he has. I worry about the effect of all of this on his marriage and, of course, on little Ronnie.

    My favorite line in the whole post was ...(To Be Continued).

    I just know you will do justice to this whole sordid tale and it will be out there for the entire world to see. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. Very, very powerful writing - punches you in the gut. I cannot read it word for word, however, as it makes me sick that something like this can legally be sanctioned in America.

    Unfortunately there are many, many adoptive couples like the Capobiancos (including me and my husband at one time) who go into adoption feeling convinced that they are "better" for the child than the biological parents. That thinking is reinforced by the adoption industry, and it helps justify the "wanting" of a child to bring into your home as your very own. I am sure that, on some level, Melanie thinks of her "want" as superior to Dusten's "want" because she is saving Veronica from a parent who is too flawed to raise her. Her desire is not really a desire, she convinces herself, it is a matter of "Saving Veronica." Forgotten in all this is the fundamental right of the child, Veronica, to be raised in the company of her biological family who have not been deemed legally unfit to raise her.

    What a travesty - and to think that there are thousands of people who subscribe to the "Save Veronica" philosophy! My only hope is that I am seeing a significant increase in the number of Dusten Brown supporters as well, closing the gap between the two factions, perhaps suggesting a sign of increasing social awareness about unnecessary adoptions.

  8. Having individually read all the tetimonies, I really enjoyed what you did with this post - it makes it so much easier to understand what happened to Dusten when one can read relevent bits from each of the testimonies together. I hope those who are trying to glean facts and don't have the patience to read all the testimonies (they do take a long time) will read this and get a good grasp on the horror that has taken place. Looking forward to Part 2!

  9. Hey Cassi,

    Is it possible for you to check in? I'm sure many of us are concerned about you with the flooding in Colorado.

    1. Ah, Robin, thank you so much for your concern. We had a couple scary moments today but we are all safe and dry. Unfortunately, so many here are devastated. It's heart breaking!

  10. I am a college educated health care professional who has followed this case very closely. No arguments about the facts please, I already know them. This past week the Pope talked about how we worship the "God of money." I would say for Justice Roberts on down to all the other cowards who call themselves "officers of the court" that ruled on behalf of the highest bidding couple, there will be a day of answering for some decisions regarding this case. Veronica will return to her birth family one day. I know that. I pray for that. And when she does, the "adoptive parents" will think this time frame now was a cake walk. She had almost 2 formulative years with her real family, and apparently they have done a remarkably good job considering the salvos and unethical behavior they were faced with. The "God of Money" won't bail the Capiobanco's out when Veronica Brown discovers what they have done. My sympathy goes out to the Brown family, but most of all to Veronica. They have destroyed her life by this obcession.




  12. Beautifully written.

    When anonymous originally wrote about the 'controlling men' part I thought that s/he meant that that excuse is too often tossed around at fathers battling for their rights as the reason why the mother was justified in hiding and cutting off contact. I had that very excuse thrown at me several times this very night on the CNN article about Veronica going back to the Capobianco's and I've had it thrown at me dozens of times by their supporters in past weeks; that Dusten is secretly physically and/or emotionally and/or psychologically abusive and thus Christy was justified in what she did. Of course no evidence has ever been found to solidify even the remotest claim of any type of abuse on anyone male or female of any age by Dusten but the lie persists of course. This blockade so much of society seems to have that women and especially mothers can do no wrong and that every decision every single mother on the planet makes is automatically given the 'benefit of the doubt' of being a selfless and right one until proven otherwise. Proven otherwise which is basically never because even in the face of court testimony that Christy lied to Dusten people still refuse to believe it or think ill of her or blame her for anyyyyyyyyyyyything. It's still 10000000000% Dusten's fault. Sad and frustrating.

  13. Wonderfully written! This is something that definitely needs to be brought to light.

  14. My prayers are with Dusten Brown, his daughter Veronica, and I say his daughter , and the entire Brown family. This is a travesty of justice, He loves his daughter, wants his daughter and the legal system is taking this from him. I question the motives of the capobiancos, I mean they know right the start his man wants his daughter, they are maneuvering on a legal ploy to tear this child from him. My heart goes out to Veronica and Dusten. She belongs with her dad, who wants and loves her so much. These people are a disgrace, selfish, and without morals to do this to a man and his own child. My continued prayers and support for Dusten, I hope one day your daughter returns to you! That love and bond is unbreakable, especially knowing that you love her so much.