Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adopted or Abducted - Time to Watch

Tonight, Tuesday, May 1stDan Rather Reports will feature an investigation into adoption that is long past overdue . . .

It will air on HDNet at 8 p.m. Eastern time with an encore showing at 11 p.m. Eastern time.  And will be available for download on iTunes  tomorrow morning.

I highly encourage everyone and anyone to watch this show.  To record it.  Download the video.  Whatever it takes.  These brave mothers deserve to have their stories heard by every single one of us.  It’s time for us to face the truth of the crimes that were committed against them and offer them the respect and care they deserved decades ago.  During the time of the Baby Scoop Era/Era of Mass Surrender.  During a very dark part of our history where the crimes committed against them were never acknowledged.

Mothers from the Baby Scoop Era were some of the first to find their voices and demand recognition for what happened to them, fight for change and reform in adoption practices of today.  Their battle to be heard has been long and hard.  They have been knocked down so many times but have refused to quit, to give up.

They are the ones who first carved the path for others, like myself, to find our own courage to speak out.  To stand up strong for what we believe in without allowing others to silence us.  They are the true example for what it means to fight without surrender.

For someone like me, who has only spent four years speaking out about adoption practices, it is their coat tails that I ride on.  Their courage that pushes me to continue on during the times when quitting seems so much easier.

They now have a chance to be heard and I believe we all owe it to them to listen, to hear the horror they went through and to learn from their past and gain an understanding to the darker truth of adoption, both past AND present.

Because as Claud so accurately put it . . .

- - “No, it's not my story. It's my preamble. It's the very foundation of MY adoption experience. It’s the foundation of ALL our adoption experiences. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US who has had some sort of adoption journey should know that the start of the road began with CRIMES.” - -

The crimes committed against these mothers are the foundation for what the adoption industry has, and still is, about – fulfilling the demand of the hopeful adoptive couples willing to pay for a baby by separating a child from his or her vulnerable mother to create the supply.

The NCFA (National Council for Adoption), the very backbone of what adoption is today, has never acknowledged the horrors of the Baby Scoop Era.  And in fact, by their own account, was created because of the drastic decrease in infants available for the growing list of couples hoping to adopt.

- - “In the 1980s, as the number of women opting for an adoption plan decreased, there also was a sharp increase in the number of families wishing to adopt children. Adoption agencies began to maintain long waiting lists as the number of potential adoptive families far surpassed the availability of children.” - -

And that is where our current adoption practices have been born – in the past crimes against women and the need to find new ways to get babies after such crimes were no longer acceptable.

Adoption has changed since the stories of the women you will see tonight.  But it hasn’t changed for the better.  It has merely changed in response to women gaining more rights over themselves and their bodies, using well researched coercion and manipulation to convince mothers to give up their children.

I hope many will watch tonight and truly hear the heartache these mothers have suffered.    I hope they will be outraged that such a thing was ever allowed to happen to so many women, that they were expected to remain silent about what happened to them and their children.

And I hope some will finally begin to question the practice of an Industry that holds, from its very beginning, the continuing need to get babies from their vulnerable mothers to continue the profits they have made for over half a century by providing those babies to the large demand of hopeful couples willing to pay for the chance at having a child of their own.

Adoption is, and always has been, a business for profits.  Until we, as a society, demand different, mothers and their children will continue to be victims to their crimes, their coercion, their practice of researching and finding new ways – as the times change – to continue their ways.

Until we all stand up as one and demand change we will continue to leave more and more mothers with the heartbreaking stories of how they lost their child.  More mothers to follow in the path of the heartbreaking stories of the women whose voices we will hear tonight.

***Another great article to read from Dan Rather and his investigation into adoption practices . . . Abducted Generations.***