Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet My Husband

The picture is of my wonderful husband and I with our oldest son, the one we lost to adoption, in the middle.

I've talked before about my husband being a First Dad but I don't say much about his feelings and emotions because they are his to tell, not mine.

But thanks to Amanda over at Declassified Adoptee, my husband, for the first time, has put into his own words some of what it is like for him being a dad who lost his first born child to adoption.

So for your reading pleasure, I proudly present my husband and his own words . . .


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your son looks like he is exactly where he belongs in this photo, with his mother and father; where he always belonged...

  2. Cassi and John,

    I wish my son could have what you have with your son. I love seeing and reading the letter from his dad. Don't be afraid to show the tears to your son as a man he needs to see his dad shedding a few tears once in awhile. True emotions are so beautiful especially from men.
    My son's dad was killed in Vietnam in 67. such a tragedy as our son needed his papa. That's what he calls him.
    Our son only sees a grave now but at least he knows the truth of what happened and why. He has taken his papa's name his true name that I named him. He is a jr so when we went to wall his name was on the wall in DC so eerie to see our son is a proud son to his deceased papa.
    Enjoy every moment you never know what the future holds.

  3. Love the photo! A fun family moment caught forever on film.

    I was very moved by his letter, didn't know he was your hubby though!

  4. Very impressed with his post and his honesty.As we say in my country Onya!!

  5. A great picture Cassie! I did read your husband's post on Amanda's site--until now I didn't know it was written by him. It was a very touching post.