Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Different Kind Of Mother's Day Wish

Today, I reach out and hold all that are suffering.

Today, I embrace in my arms those who mourn a mother who will not be there, a child whose voice they will not hear.

Today, I offer a shoulder to lean on for those who faced the day with tears. An understanding ear for those who feel nobody truly knows their pain.

Today, I hold the hand of those who have a hope that the day will be done. That a new day will dawn before the worst of their pain emerges.

Today, I am there for you. Thinking of you. Loving you. And wishing, with all my heart, I could offer more than just words to get you through your struggles.

Today, please know, you are not alone!


  1. Thank you Cassi. The same to you my dear.

  2. Happy Mothers Day, Cassi!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Cassi! I hope you have someone there for you too... I am if you need me :) xxx

  4. Thank you Cassi. I appreciate this very much.

  5. Cassi ((thank you))! What a beautiful post. Happy Mommy's day to you too!

  6. Your compassion is inspiring, Cassi. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Mothers Day.