Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Great Voice

I hope everyone will venture over and visit Surviving Adoption Loss.

The writer of this blog is not only amazing in the use of her words, her ability to draw a reader in and make them a part of the emotions that center her posts. She is also an amazingly caring woman, who offers the same insight and kindness to those who struggle with the grief and loss of adoption.

It has been almost six months now since I first learned of my son's abuse. Six months in which I would have not made it through the hardest times if it wasn't for her support, her understanding.

She never judged, never gave me the old lines of being "grateful" or "thankful" or "getting over" the pain eating away at my heart and soul. She has always known, in the way only a mother who has experienced loss through adoption, can know, the right words, the right support to get me through some of the hardest times I have faced in this newest avenue of my journey.

Through another forum, I was blessed with the opportunity to get to know this wonderful woman. Granted an amazing friendship with someone who reached out to me during my lowest times, offered a gentle hand to guide me when I needed it most. A comforting companion to lead me through the dark pain adoption brings about.

And on top of that, I've also found someone who has a great talent in her words. In her stories of what it is like to lose your child through adoption. Her contributions to other forums have helped so many and now, thankfully, she has taken the step to join the blogging world. So that more of us may find the wisdom in what she writes. The deep emotion in her stories of loss and grief.

My life received a great gift when I first made contact with her and now so many others will recieve this same gift as she shares her feelings and her story through her powerful words and deep portrayal of the emotions that come with those who live and lose through the world of adoption.


  1. I just looked at her blog and I understand her points. I am sorry she lost her son, like you lost yours Cassi. You both write really well.

  2. Hi Cassi... thank you for showing us this blog. I have read it thoroughly and find it eerie that there are others out there like you and Cheerio who can post things as if they were from my own heart. Its uncanny and I do get spine tingles when I read at times!

    Thanks again.

    Myst xxx

  3. Am very sorry this blog is not functioning. It has great prospects.

  4. Cassie,

    i just read your reply to me on cafemom, and I so appreciate your words. I have read your blog and check back often for updates. I am feeling so lost not being able to even speak with my son, since our first face to face visit last feb 01 we have spoken on the phone at least three to four times per day, and we saw him for at least 2 or 3 days each month, and not speaking to him now is killing me. he is so sensitive and loving and this must just be doing in his head, I cannot even fathom where we will all end up. I could strangle the life right out of his amom for the things she said to me the last time I saw him on Dec 10.A day he was supposed to be with us in our home celebrating the one year anniversary of his little sister discovering she had a big brother. I am so sad and see no light at the end of the tunnel. i don't know another living soul in this position even though all of my friends are very supportive. To speak with someone who understands is more than helpful. Thank you again. If you like it please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address, I'd love to speak more with you if you don't mind.