Monday, May 26, 2008

Predators and Prey

If you've cruised the adoption blogs lately, you've more than likely come across this story . . .

Expectant Mom Upset By Offensive Offer

The very sad thing is there are many adoptive parents out there that don't see anything wrong with this type of soliciting towards a pregnant woman. They don't understand, or refuse to see, the disgusting, degrading attack this is on another human being. It's a violation of who they are. A dirty, ugly violation of a person who carries the same rights, deserves the same respect, as everyone else who walks on this earth.

But the very sad truth is that, in today's society, there are those who will not see anything wrong with this kind of action. They will justify it by their own desperate need to have a baby. It is very sad that the basic rights of a young, pregnant woman get tossed aside in pursuit of another's selfish needs.

Those who believe and practice this disgusting act are predators in every sense of the word. They are violating the pregnant woman much in the same way a person can violate a young woman sexually. The only difference is . . . one act is illegal, the other is not.

And the saddest part is the prey these predators seek. It's not the pregnant woman. She is nothing more to them than the "vessel" they must go through to reach their ultimate goal . . . the unborn child she carries.

That baby, who knows nothing of real life yet, is hunted in the same way a wild animal seeks warm blood. Secure and safe in his mother's womb, he isn't aware of the wrongs already being brought against him. Of the attacks his mother faces by those who do not regard her as a living, breathing human being. But instead see her as the means to give them the child they desperately seek.

She is an object, nothing more. Undeserving of the child she carries, protects, and loves. Lowering her own worth, making her feel dirty by the simple fact she is pregnant, does not matter to the predators. As long as they get the baby inside, they don't have to give a second thought to the terror and trauma they put the mother through.

It is a sick and disgusting reality, especially here in this great country that was created on equal rights for all. Self entitlement has become a curse. An ugly excuse for the most horrid of acts. Predators decide they deserve another woman's baby. They believe they are more deserving because of the size of the their pocketbook, the square footage of their home. And they will do whatever it takes, violate whoever they can, in their quest to attain that which they believe they have a right to.

And their prey - that innocent unborn child - has no clue to the sins they've taken on another person . . . on their very own mother. Sins they don't regret if it means they can hold that child in their arms, call him theirs.

It's what we had to do, is their excuse. It's the only way we can be sure we will get a baby. Violating a pregnant woman is necessary in order to reach the prey she carries inside. It's my right to do whatever I can, regardless of what is right or wrong, because I deserve my "prize." And nobody can tell me different.

And that poor innocent child is brought into this life and sometimes, sadly, lost to the predators. To a couple who will become his parents. Who will tell him how much they loved him and wanted him. But will they ever tell him the full truth? Will they ever admit to that child they hunted him down through his own mother.

Will they ever look in his eyes and admit they were the predators and he was their prey?


  1. So true. And our children grow up loving these people. And everyone wonders why we are angry, hurt, depressed, furious. We were stalked - taken advantage of in every way when we were young women without life experiences and/or deep pockets to do as we otherwise would. I cannot face my son's adoptive parents because basically they bought my son, have insulted me, and will continue to buy him, I see the latter happening every day. They have him by the nose, just as they had me.


  2. I agree with this post.

    My adopters insisted on constantly telling me everything they had to go through while they were trying to take me from my mom. And after I finally met my mom again they turned to telling me all the terrible things they had to put up with while raising me. I guess after twentyone years I became the prey that turned rotten.


  3. Carol -
    (((Hugs))). I am SO sorry for what you are going through. I sincerely hope someday you and your son will have a relationship. I'll be thinking of you.

    Jack -
    This broke my heart to read . .
    "I guess after twenty one years I became the prey that turend rotten." . . .
    I desperately hope you don't feel that way about yourself. I guarantee you there is absolutely NOTHING in this world to make that statement true.


  4. MTV has teamed up with NCFA to make a reality show. I hope you will share this with MTV..or maybe the advertisers?

  5. Just when I begin to think I've seen it all something else comes up to disgust and sound like a bad nightmare!! Predatory is the least of it.May I post a link please?

  6. Von,

    I'm always honored when you link.